Behavioral Intervention Team

Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT)

The Behavioral Intervention Team or BIT is a multifunctional team made up of faculty and staff from throughout GateWay that have experience working in counseling, disability resources, student success, student activities and services, student discipline, and campus safety. The team works to ensure the safest campus and learning environment through a holistic team approach by assessing and addressing concerning student behavior.

BIT acts as a post crisis support team where concerns are brought to the team through one of four mechanisms — Counseling, Public Safety, Early Alert System or Student Code of Conduct.

The team’s approach is to be supportive of the:

  • Student of Concern,
  • Person Reporting, and
  • Environment

This focus helps ensure the safety and success of the college and the individual.




(602) 286-8900 or visit Counseling

Disability Resources

(602) 286-8170 or visit Disability Resources

Early Alert

(602) 286-8179 | (602) 286-8735 or visit Early Alert System

Public Safety

(602) 286-8911 or visit Public Safety & Emergency Info

Student Code of Conduct

Dean of Enrollment Management
(602) 286-8025 or visit Maricopa Student Conduct