Genocide Awareness Events

Genocide Awareness Events

Apr 7, 2014, 8:00 a.m. to Apr 10, 2014, 12:00 p.m.
GateWay Community College Campus
108 N. 40th Street Phoenix, Arizona 85034

List of events for Genocide Awareness Week

April 7-10 | Copper Room

Ongoing Exhibit
Armenian Genocide: Death, Denial and Desecration 

April 7 | Copper Room

2 PM  From Hate to HopeAn interactive teleconference with Q&A
ponsored by Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) and Student Life & Leadership (SAM)

April 8 | Copper Room

9:30 AM  Jodi Elowitz, Center for Holocaust Studies, University of Minnesota

11 AM  Otto SchimmelHolocaust Survivor  (Due to unforeseen circumstances holocaust survivor Otto Schimmel will not be able to attend the presentation) 

3:30 PM  Panel, Current Genocide Issues

6 PM  Documentary Film: As Seen through These Eyes.

April 9 | Copper Room

9 AM  Human Library
Sponsored by the GateWay Libray

12:45 PM  “Upstanders: Reader's Theater - Ten Who Dared.”
Learn about ten individuals who fought against genocide and human rights violation. Led by Donald Hall and humanities students.

6 PM  Documentary Films with Guest Speaker

Film #1 : Armenians: A Story of Survival
Film #2: Armenia: A Genocide Denied

April  9 | Amphitheater

11:30 PM  Komezakaranga Drummers sponsored by GateWay to the Arts

April 10 | Copper Room

11:00 AM  Barnga, Intercultural Communication Game


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