• Clinical Research Coordinating Program at GateWay Community College in Phoenix, Arizona

Clinical Research Coordinating

Clinical Research is a method of testing used in the field of health care to gather safety and efficacy data for new drugs or medical devices. Clinical Research Coordinating ensures good clinical practice guidelines are followed throughout the testing process.

The responsibilities of a CRC include:

  • Arranging for a research study site
  • Recruiting, screening and enrolling clinical study participants
  • Arranging follow-up visits
  • Maintaining and dispensing drugs and other study supplies
  • Completing and ensuring the accuracy of case report forms and regulatory documents
  • Ensuring the adherence to good Clinical Practice guidelines.

CRC's work in a team environment under the direction of the principal investigator.

Degrees & Certificates

Late-start classes are available for this program of study.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do the classes need to be taken consecutively?

CRC120 (Introduction to Clinical Research) is the prerequisite to other CRC classes. The rest of the classes may be taken in any order. Students who have had previous research experience may take more than one class at a time, or may take special topic elective classes upon permission from the program director.

Is there a formal process to apply for the program?

There is a formal process for application to the CRC program; however, the application is not due until a student completes CRC120. Students will be contacted by the program director within the first half of the CRC120 semester to ensure that the applications are complete, and to plan the student’s future CRC course of study.

Is a professional certification for students completing the certificate or Associate of Applied Science available?

Yes, many organizations focus on clinical research coordinator certification, however, certification or licensure is not currently required. GateWay’s CRC courses prepare eligible students to sit for the Society of Clinical Research Associates (SoCRA) or Association of Clinical Research Professionals (ACRP) certification exams.

Do I need to be certified to be a clinical research professional?

No, but certification enhances your credibility and salary expectation.

How long does it take to complete the four courses in the certificate program?

It's possible for a student to complete all courses within a 12 month time period. Courses are scheduled each semester so that students may move through the program at their own pace.

Where do I purchase the textbooks for the program?

Textbooks are used for the core/certificate courses and need to be purchased before course start. Several other textbooks will also need to be purchased as the student moves through the courses. Students may purchase these books on campus at the GateWay bookstore or online.

Is there credit available for prior work experience?

There is no provision for credit for prior work experience.

Is Financial Aid available?

The Financial Aid Office has many different options, scholarships, grants, etc. for eligible students. Call (855) 622-2332 to inquire.

Currently, a small Clinical Research Program scholarship fund exists that may defer some tuition or book costs for students meeting the federal financial aid eligibility requirements. A separate application form can be obtained from the program director.

Where are the classes located?

CRC classes are offered in an online format. These classes are not synchronous, students are required to complete assignments by a specific date and time, but are not required to be online at any specific date or time.

Who is the contact person at GateWay for this program?

For enrollment information, please contact our healthcare advisors.

Employment Outlook

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Accreditation is a process used to measure and certify the credibility and quality of services offered by an organization.

GateWay is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

Why should you choose an accredited school?

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Building: Center for Health Careers Education

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