GateWay Community College discloses, in compliance with federal regulations and program requirements, the following information pertaining to enrollment diversity and graduation rates.

Diversity of Enrollment

In the Fall of 2013, enrollment of all full-time undergraduate students in credit programs was 1,345. Of these 58% were female and 42% were male. Four percent were American Indian/Alaska Native, 5% were Asian/Pacific Islander, 12% were Black, 32% were Hispanic, 34% were White, 1% were Two or More Races, and 4% were Non-Resident Alien.

Diversity of Pell Recipients

Federal Pell Grant recipients comprised 58% of the full-time enrolled students in Fall 2013. Of these, 61% were female and 39% were male. Sixty-six percent of the Pell recipients identified themselves as members of a racial or ethnic minority.

Retention Rates

Fifty-six percent of the first-time, full-time undergraduate students who enrolled in the Fall of 2013 returned in the Fall of 2014. The part-time student retention rate was 36%.

Graduation and Transfer Rates

The three-year graduation rate for full-time students entering in Fall 2011 was 17%. The three-year transfer-out rate was 43%.

Tuition & Fee Schedule

Registration Fee $15 per semester
County Resident $84 per credit hour
County Resident Audit $109 per credit hour
Out-of-County Resident * $366 per credit hour
Out-of-State Resident ** $325 per credit hour
Out-of-State Distance Learning ***/+ $215 per credit hour


* Rates are set according to Arizona Revised Statute. Applies only to counties with no community colleges.

** According to Arizona Revised Statute, 15-1802 F, "A person who is a member of an Indian tribe recognized by the US Department of the Interior whose reservation land lies in this state and extends into another state and who is a resident of the reservation is entitled to classification as an in-state student." Therefore, unclassified and out of state surcharges do not apply to such students.

*** According to ARS §15-1470, community college districts may offer credit and noncredit courses and services outside of this state. A district is not entitled to state aid payments for students who are provided courses and services outside of this state.

+ This rate applies to out-of-state students who are taking distance learning courses or students who are taking classroom-based credit courses through a contract agreement between MCCCD and the company they work for. This rate does not apply to Study Abroad Programs as there is a separately calculated rate for those students. The nonresident tuition rate of $215 per credit hour for distance learning courses applies to students who both reside in the state and do not reside here. Students not qualifying for resident tuition would pay the nonresident rate whether taking the course in Arizona or in their state of residence. If the distance learning non-resident out-of-state student is a resident of a WICHE state, the lower Western Undergraduate Exchange Program Rate will be charged. 


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