Dual Enrollment Steps

Getting Started with Dual Enrollment

The following steps will help you through the dual enrollment process:

1. Create Your Student Account

Get a jumpstart on the application process by setting up a student account at maricopa.edu/MAW. Click the checkbox next to "I am a new student" or "I am a current or previously admitted or enrolled student", then continue on with the account creation process. You will receive an MEID and student ID number when you finish. Be sure to write these down! Click here for more detailed instructions. Please note that you will need to provide your social security number to complete the process online. If you don't know or don't wish to provide your SSN, you can complete this step and Step 2 by submitting a completed Admission Form in person to GateWay.

2. Apply for Admission

Next, log in to your Student Center at my.maricopa.edu. Scroll down to the Admissions section and click "Apply for Admission". Select "GateWay Community College" as your college, "Credit" for your career, and indicate your semester of attendance.You must also select "Current high school student taking courses (Dual or Concurrent)" as your primary reason for attending. You can also apply for admission by downloading and submitting a completed Admission Form.

3. Submit Proof of Identity

GateWay must verify your identity before you are able to enroll in classes. Additionally, to qualify for in-state tuition, you are required to submit a copy of a document that proves your lawful presence in the United States. Go to maricopa.edu/submit-id and upload a photo or color copy of an acceptable piece of identification to satisfy both ID authorization and lawful presence requirements. It is common for students to submit copies of both their high school ID and U.S. birth certificate for this purpose. Students may be required to submit different forms of ID, depending on the individual student's citizenship status. Click here to see which form(s) of identity you may submit. 

Once you submit your identification, you MUST activate your Maricopa email account. Go to google.maricopa.edu and log in using your MEID and password. Official college messages will come to this account, so make sure you check it frequently or forward it to your main email account using these directions.

4. Take Any Necessary Placement Tests

Students taking math or English courses need to pass college placement tests in order to register. See a list of the Maricopa Placement Scores for passing scores in each area. Students enrolling in other academic courses (for example, Physics, History, Spanish) must meet one of the following:

  • Composite score of 93 or more on the PSAT
  • Composite score of 930 or more on the SAT
  • Composite score of 22 or more on the ACT
  • Proficient score or more on the ELA or MATH portions of the AzMERIT
  • Completion of the Reading college placement test

Students enrolling in vocational (Career and Technical Education) courses do not need to take placement tests, though all testing policies are subject to change. Prior to taking a placement test, please review these free resources, including sample questions, an essay guide, and a study app.

** Submit A Maricopa Grant Application (optional)

The Maricopa Grant is a need-based form of tuition assistance for dual enrollment students. Fill out the application packet, and include documentation of financial need. Examples of documentation include your family's most recent federal tax returns or a document showing you participate in one of the benefits programs listed at the bottom of the packet's first page (e.g., AHCCCS card). You cannot receive Maricopa Grant tuition assistance if you do submit an ID to prove your lawful presence in the country.

5. Submit Your Registration Packet

Fill out the registration packet, and submit it to either you high school or drop it off directly at GateWay in the Enrollment Services area (IE1214). Be sure that all forms are signed by both you and your parent or guardian and include the correct course numbers. Submitting incomplete registration may jeopardize your ability to participate in Dual Enrollment.

6. Pay Tuition

Many high school districts pay a portion of your tuition for in-state students, making dual enrollment even more affordable for students. Check with your high school about dual enrollment rates. Once you're enrolled, you can pay through one of the following options:

  • Online at my.maricopa.edu - log in to your Student Center and click the "Payment Options" button in the Finances section. Paying online also gives you the option of signing up for a monthly payment plan.
  • In person at GateWay Community College
  • Over the phone - call 602-286-2877, then be ready to provide your student ID number and credit/debit card information

Frequently Asked Questions & Program Links

We've compiled the following list of frequently asked questions in order to help expedite your search for information.

Review the Course Equivalency Guide to see how community college courses transfer to three Arizona universities. If you are planning to attend an out-of-state university, check with that institution to see how credits will transfer.

  • Go to the Online Student Center.

  • Click on login, then use your MEID and password to log in.

  • In the Academics section of your Student Center, click on the white drop-down menu.

  • Select Official Transcript or Unofficial Transcript, click the arrow.

  • Follow the directions on screen to complete the process.

  • Transcripts within the Maricopa Community College District are free; transcripts sent outside the Community College District cost $5 each.

At the end of an AP course, students complete a test. The outcome of that test determines how many college credits they receive. Dual enrollment credits are earned through coursework that demonstrates college competencies have been met.

Yes, you may use all of GateWay's student resources including library access