• English Courses at GateWay Community College in Phoenix, Arizona


Learn about the diversities across cultures and how others view the world by reading great literature and myths. Study the effects these great works have had across time, and analyze how the process:

  • Makes you think
  • Makes you feel
  • Gives you insights
  • Leads you to make discoveries about the world and yourself
  • Broadens your perspective on life

English Humanities Courses

  • Introduction to Literature
  • Creative Writing
  • Mythology
  • Literature and Film
  • Contemporary U.S. Literature and Film
  • Women's Contemporary Literature
  • Literature of the Southwest
  • Modern Fiction
  • Banned Books and Censorship
  • English Composition

Writing allows you to discover what and how you think, helping you to acquire and retain knowledge by going through an active process of thinking about ideas that you must put into your own words. Reading helps you gain a wider perspective; learning to question, debate or support your own position.

English Composition Courses

  • Basic Writing Skills
  • Fundamentals of Writing
  • First-Year Composition

If you are interested in English courses, you may also be interested in Arts & Humanities or Philosophy & Religion.


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GateWay is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

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Although many schools offer seemingly similar degree and certification options, not all schools are accredited. In many instances, accreditation of the degree or program you complete may be required in order to become certified to work in the field.


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