• GateWay Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate

The purposes of the Gateway Community College Faculty Senate shall be to:

  • Serve as the exclusive representative of the GateWay Community College faculty of the college administration in academic and professional matters and policy development.
  • Advise the College President on matters of importance to the college and faculty; promote communication, collaboration, and education among the faculty and between the faculty and other groups.
  • Maintain and promote the standards and ideals of the profession.
  • Serve as the voice of the faculty in shared governance.
  • To select representatives to serve on administrative councils and on coordinating committees of the faculties of the college and district.
  • Protect and preserve academic freedom.
  • Participate in the formation and implementation of educational policies for the college and the district.
  • Provide an open forum for the free discussion of academic and professional issues.

Faculty Senate Members


Ilene Borze RN, M.S., CEN - borze@gatewaycc.edu

President Elect

Peter Zawicki, PT, MS - zawicki@gatewaycc.edu


Mario Castaneda - castaneda@gatewaycc.edu

Suzanne Clifford MSN/ED, RN - clifford@gatewaycc.edu

Ellen Cummings - cummings@gatewaycc.edu

Patricia Edgar M.Ed., RMR, CRI - edgar@gatewaycc.edu

Heidi Hutchins, MBA, MHSA - hutchins@gatewaycc.edu

Peter Melenovich PhD, RN, CCRN, CNE - melenovich@gatewaycc.edu

Susan Mills - mills@gatewaycc.edu

Charlene Thiessen, MEd, CMT, AHDI-F - thiessen@gatewaycc.edu

Monica Wadsworth-Seibel, B.S., M.Ed. - wadsworth@gatewaycc.edu

Douglas Walker - walkerd@gatewaycc.edu

Frank Zamora M.Ed. - zamoraf@gatewaycc.edu


Program Director, NCE

Phone: (602) 286-8544
Room: CH1072

Program Director, Physical Therapist Assisting

Phone: (602) 286-8476
Fax: (602) 286-8480
Building: Center for Health Careers Education
Room: CH2023