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Money Management

Financial education is just as important as earning a degree or certificate at GateWay. Attending college can require the use of a few simple money management tools and techniques. Calculating the cost of attending college is a good first step.

Net Price Calculator

The net price calculator is a tool to help students estimate the total cost of attending GateWay Community College. Taking into consideration everything from tuition and fees to books and supplies, transportation and dependent expenses, the net price calculator is an easy, quick and convenient way to estimate yearly educational expenses.

Use the Net Price Calculator tool to make more informed financial decisions.

Actual net price can vary significantly based on student eligibility and does not represent an actual award. Submission of the FAFSA is the only way to obtain a true and accurate determination of eligibility. Estimates apply to full-time, first-time degree/certificate-seeking undergraduate students.

Financial Aid Resources

Plan for your financial future by calculating loan payments and comparing repayment options using these financial and financial aid resources:

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