Institutional Effectiveness


The mission of the Grants Development and Management Office is to provide assistance in securing and managing sponsored awards to strengthen academic programs, foster teaching and learning, support student services and meet the needs of the community and workforce.


The office serves as the principle point of contact for faculty, staff and administration seeking internal and external grant funding. We are charged with providing assistance during all stages of the grant process including but not limited to:

  • Research
  • Writing
  • Submission
  • Management aspects

Additional responsibilities include:

  • Assisting faculty and staff in identifying funding sources and in locating application forms and guidelines
  • Reviewing funding literature and calling funding opportunities to the attention of the appropriate faculty and staff
  • Researching possible funding sources to support activities and initiatives identified by faculty and staff
  • Reading grant proposals and making suggestions for improvement
  • Providing certain types of descriptive material (boilerplate) to help with obtaining statistical documentation in certain areas
  • Aiding in the submission process. All proposal submissions that are not individual awards (fellowships, learning grants, etc.) should be submitted to the funding agency by the Grants Office. We will assist with obtaining signatures on proposals, copying, and mailing
  • Finding other ways to aid the grant writing and submission process within the restraints of time and personnel

Please Note: The Office of Grants Development does not make judgments about the worth of proposals. Approval is decided by the preparer and appropriate administrator, which may include the Chair, Supervisor, Vice President or College President.

Partnership Opportunities

It is important to involve our office as early as possible when seeking external funding so that we can offer specialized services, help avoid problems and increase the chances for funding success. We hope you will utilize our office resources and we look forward to working with you.