Hispanic Student Organization (HSO)

This organization serves to establish a bond between Hispanic students, faculty and the general Maricopa community to promote the development of educational opportunities and to increase awareness of Hispanic culture. The group provides a central forum for the open dialogue of political, spiritual, cultural, economic, social and academic conditions in the Hispanic community.

Who Can Join?

Students from all walks of life are invited to join HSO to learn more about Hispanic culture. HSO exists to enhance cultural and political awareness; as well as to provide social events and support for students.


Members participate in a variety of activities, including:

  • Attending Conferences
  • Volunteer Work
  • Community Events
  • Fundraising



Phone: (602) 286-8124
Building: Integrated Education Building

Department Chair

Phone: (602) 286-8127
Fax: (602) 286-8122
Building: Integrated Education Building

Director of Student Life

Phone: (602) 286-8141
Building: Main Building
Room: MA1132


Emma Grarcia: President
Ulises Lopez: Vice President
Javier Martinez: Public Relations
Yomarira Alcala: Historian