Registered Nurse Refresher

The GateWay Nurse Refresher (NUR295) course is available as a hybrid course with classes being held online as well as on campus. Hybrid classes help reduce the number of classroom meetings while required learning activities are conducted online. The RN Refresher program is approved by the Arizona State Board of Nursing. The program is available to registered nurses for the purpose of review and update of nursing theory and practice.

Please be sure to read the Registered Nurse Refresher Information packet in order to ensure you quality for the program. Those enrolled in NUR295 must also take NUR292, Overview of Current Nursing Principles and Practice Across the Lifespan, this class is a core requisite.

If you would like to request additional information, please be sure to submit an online form by clicking the “Start Here” button at the top of this page. The Nurse Refresher Course assistant will contact you with instructions for college enrollment and course registration.

The NUR295 – Registered Nurse Refresher Course is offered two times a year, in Fall and in Spring. A Course description is included below

Who: RN’s who have not met the 960 hour Arizona State Board of Nursing practice requirement (within 5 previous years) at the time of license renewal; RN’s with an inactive license who have not practiced nursing within the last 30 years; RN’s with an active license, not under stipulation with the AZBN, who want to update their theory and skills; new graduate nurses who have never practiced nursing after obtaining their RN license.

What: The refresher course is a ten-credit lecture/lab course. The RN Refresher is one semester (16 weeks). The didactic course work includes general nursing concepts, pharmacology, and care of the adult with selected medical surgical conditions.  The clinical portion includes the following: assignments to prepare for campus lab sessions; mandatory campus lab days for skills review and competency testing; time allotted for completion of agency-specific orientation requirements; and a 130 hour assigned clinical rotation or preceptorship on a selected practice specialty such as pediatrics, obstetrics, mental health, school nursing or a surgery center.

When: Class starts in August and in January. Classroom and class times vary, please check the Maricopa Schedule for up-to-date information.

Preceptorship: GateWay helps you bridge the gap between your classes and clinical practice by placing you with highly-trained preceptors.

Course Description: Update of current principles of nursing theory and practice for registered nurses. Didactic instruction meets all Arizona State Board of Nursing requirements: nursing process and patient centered care; pharmacology, medication calculation, and medication administration; communication; critical thinking, clinical decision making and evidence-based practice; delegation, management, and leadership; working with interdisciplinary teams; meeting psychological and physiological needs of adult clients with medical-surgical conditions; ethics; documentation including electronic health records; informatics; and quality improvement. Concentrated preceptorship experience under the supervision of a registered nurse with faculty guidance. Individualized teaching and learning opportunities to build confidence, competence and an increased level of independent functioning. Prerequisites: Permission of Instructor. Core requisites: NUR295 Lab Course & NUR292 Overview of Current Nursing Principles and Practice Across the Lifespan. 


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