Career Exploration Day introduces GateWay to high school seniors

Published date: 
Dec 5, 2013
GateWay Career Exploration Day

Mark Your Calendar

GateWay Community College was buzzing with activity on Nov. 14 as more than 500 high school seniors visited the campus for Career Exploration Day. The event attracted students and counselors from as far as Wickenburg and introduced attendees to the careers that GateWay has to offer, as well as some of the programs that are offered throughout the Maricopa Community College District.

“Career exploration day continues to grow and introduce more and more students to GateWay,” said Christine Lambrakis, director of Marketing, PR and Sales. “This was by far our largest event ever and it reflects the growing interest in affordable, high quality education in our community and the programs that GateWay has to offer.”

The event takes place twice a year and includes an extended tour of campus with faculty and staff highlighting many of the 125 programs GateWay has to offer.  The event also provided hands-on demonstration as well as tours provided by current GateWay students.

“I really liked that GateWay students were able to participate as tour guides,” said Anaya Williams, a GateWay student and part-time staff who has participated in the event for the past year and a half. “High school students were able to get the perspective of actual GateWay students this way. When we went to Student Life they also saw that there is a place for them on campus to relax and catch up on homework besides the Library and Learning Center.”

As part of their campus tour, students were able to participate in a career fair in order to learn more from local employers as well as determine the fit that GateWay has on a variety of career options.

“Career Exploration Day offers students a unique opportunity to network with industry professionals in healthcare, business and social services,” said Jessica Brosilo, coordinator of Career Services. “This is a chance for them to learn what jobs are really like in fields that interest them. Employers love it, too – they have a chance to showcase their company and meet with potential future employees.”

Also participating in the event were educational partners such as Arizona State University, Northern Arizona University and University of Arizona. They provided information on their programs as well as discussed our transfer program that allows students to take the first two years at a community college and then transfer to a four-year institution.

In addition to all the learning that takes place during the event, Career Exploration Day also allows some time for fun activities as participants were able to enjoy lunch, participate in games and win some GateWay prizes, all while enjoying music provided by LatinoVibe 95.1.

The spring Career Exploration Day will take place on March 6, 2014. Those interested in attending can visit to reserve their free spot.