Financial Aid Google Hangout for Current and Incoming Student Athletes

Published date: 
Jun 4, 2013

GATEWAY Athletics and Financial office will host a Google hangout for current and incoming student athletes to discuss financial aid and FAFSA on June 12th at 3pm.

Join financial aid advisor Julie Hancock as she goes through the FAFSA process and answer any questions. The Google Hangout is an interactive video chat where you can communicate visually through webcam, type comments or questions and share documents. This allows for immediate response and assistance.

Submit questions ahead of time!

Join The Chat

Tutorial for hangout:

Sign into your Google Gmail account

Click this link:

Click “Yes” to join group (“ARE YOU GOING” box on right hand side)

Click  “Hangout” under the box labeled “DETAILS” (right-hand side) 

Follow instructions to download either Chrome or Google Plugins (software necessary to run the Hangout on)

On Wednesday, June 12 click this link again: click this link again:

Click  “Hangout” under the box labeled “DETAILS” (right-hand side)  and you are set!

For more information on how to use a Google Hangout watch this video: