Global Corporate College Takes GateWay Worldwide

Published date: 
Sep 19, 2012

global.pngFor the past five years, GateWay Community College has been helping educate the work force for several corporations, small businesses and government agencies in Arizona. Through a partnership with Global Corporate College, GateWay can offer customized training taught locally or nationwide.

As a non-profit member based organization, Global Corporate College designs learning content to create new skills, develop new knowledge, and create long-term behavioral change. It has members in every state and in several other countries. GateWay is the member institution that delivers this training in Arizona and Nevada.

“This is a great opportunity for GateWay Community College as it allows us to assist our clients to further their reach in Arizona as well as nationally through our Global Corporate College network,” said Susie Pulido, director for Institutional Advancement and Entrepreneurial Programs. “Companies gain direct benefit from the experience of our instructors as well as other experts throughout the country.”

In Arizona, the program has enjoyed wide success, many times becoming the solution that businesses had sought, unsuccessfully, in other programs.

“We recently delivered an ESL program for a multinational resort corporation that had gone through four other programs previously,” said Nance Harris, director of corporate training and development. “Our program was the only one that worked for them and it is now being rolled out to other cities.”

This was the result of a wrap-around approach which helps companies assess their training needs, select students, select mentors, and involve the families of participants. In turn, a higher success rate is achieved.

The advantage of implementing customized programs in specific locations and then rolling them out to other states is just one of the many benefits of Global Corporate College. Member organizations participate in the development of specialized materials, which helps companies benefit from the experience and knowledge of instructors throughout the country. Additionally, participants can earn college credits with classes being delivered at the company site, at a college campus, online or in a hybrid format.  These credits count toward associate or bachelor’s degrees in their field of work.

One example of this was a custom Homeland Security program developed for the Transportation Security Agency. The program was initially taught at Phoenix Sky Harbor, but its success quickly helped outgrow the capacity of its training facilities. The program is now being taught at the GateWay Community College campus, which is located a few blocks from the airport, and has helped many TSA agents move toward the completion of their degree in Homeland Security.

Other Global Corporate Clients include J.W. Marriot, Nissan, Walgreens as well as many small businesses.

GateWay Community College will be hosting an executive briefing breakfast on Nov. 7. Eric Richardson, president of Growth Development Associates will be discussing sales training opportunities. Those interested in attending this event can email for more information. Companies with sales staff for products or services are highly encouraged to attend.