Screening of 'Still Black at Yale' to be Held at GateWay

Published date: 
Sep 19, 2012

Monique Walton and Andia Winslow, filmmakers of “Still Black at Yale”, will be on hand at a special screening at GateWay Community College, at 3:30 and 7 p.m., Oct. 3, in the IE Building, Copper Room. After the screenings, discussions with the filmmakers will follow.

Walton and Winslow made the movie while students at Yale University in 2004 to illustrate the sense of blackness, identity and belonging within the context of racial hegemony at Yale. Walton and Winslow have toured two dozen major universities and film festivals. According to the filmmakers, “It is a film about every college and university and it is our hope that it will affect change and promote critical dialog on campuses across the country.”

This event is part of a series of cultural diversity awareness events sponsored by different student groups at GateWay this fall.

“GateWay Community College hosts a number of events to foster a campus climate that welcomes, celebrates and promotes respect for diversity,” says Cynthia Lasher, adjunct faculty member in the Business and Information Technology department and one of the coordinators for this screening and visit.

In addition to the diversity events, Lasher and Annamaria Szendroi will facilitate four multicultural discussions this semester to promote public awareness of current events, policies and laws that impact our college campus and surrounding community. The goal of the discussion sessions is to express their individual social identities and explore diversity on the GateWay campus.

Funding for the event comes from GateWay’s Center for Student Life, with additional support from a learning grant from the Maricopa Community College District awarded to Lasher and Szendroi’s academic department to promote diversity education and continuing cross-cultural discussion on the GateWay campus.

GateWay Community College is located at 108 N. 40th Street. For more information on the “Still Black, At Yale” event or any of the six diversity events in the discussion series, contact Lasher 602-574-7087 or