• PSA group photo with President Gonzales

Professional Staff Association

GateWay's PSA needs you!

PSA offers many opportunities for you to get involved. Read on for opportunities to support fundraising efforts, events and elections!


Thank a Gecko ... all year long!

PSA is excited to say that our "Thank-You-Gram" fundraiser was a smashing success! PSA will continue to sell the grams by special order throughout the year. To order grams for your special Gecko(s), contact Janey Buri.


Check back often for the latest PSA Events.

PSA Summer Conference recap

Nearly 300 PSA employees from around the district participated in the PSA Summer Conference – Destination Maricopa on June 12. The event, held at the Arizona Grand Resort, included the induction ceremony for the district’s incoming executive board. Guest speakers included Alberto Olivas, director of the Center for Civic Participation, Arizona historian Marshall Trimble, and LaCoya Shelton-Johnson, vice chancellor for human resources. Other highlights included an international panel, a contest for creating a new PSA chant led by Jacque Starks, a funky dancing competition, and many prize giveaways. Congrats to Jolene Mansur at MSC for her big win of a weekend trip to Vegas!

Check out this link for photos of all the fun: PSA Summer Conference 2014

Incoming Executive Board members: Leah Dustin-Hall, president; Yvette Strickling, president-elect; Lynn Mary, past-president; Carmen Gonzales, secretary; Dennis Ellsworth, treasurer; Shannon Ridgeway-Monaco, policy chair; and Ryan Martin, policy rep.

Special thanks to the 2014 conference committee, including  Janey Buri and Barb Mazur.

Staff Updates

PSA is rolling out the Welcome Wagon! Be among the first to welcome new PSA members to campus by serving on this new committee. To volunteer for the committee, contact Jessica Brosilo. Learn more about the newest PSAs on campus, and those who have recently made career moves!

  • Ricky Silva started a new position as Outreach Coordinator in Institutional Advancement. Ricky has been at GateWay for five years and formerly worked as a Health Science Advisor. If Ricky’s on vacation, you’ll probably find him sipping a margarita on the beach in San Diego – his favorite spot to unwind. Congrats, Ricky! 

Professional Growth Online Application

PSA employees can now use Professional Growth funds for textbook reimbursement! Click here for instructions.

In an effort to reduce paper waste and to automate the Professional Growth process, an online version of the Professional Growth system has been developed. In conjunction with the District Office and our sister colleges, the online Professional Growth application is a One Maricopa initiative. Previously, requesting Professional Growth meant filling out forms and mailing them in for approval. The new Professional Growth application has replaced the paper-based system and more!

New Features
  1. The enhanced forms equal less data entry.
  2. Online tracking allows a person to check the status of their application in the process.
  3. Real-time financial indicators show employees the remaining funds they have available.
  4. An automated approval process routes your request to your PG Reps; there is no more need to mail in paperwork.
  5. Automated reminders to employees requesting reimbursement to ensure requests are processed quickly if information is missing.
What can I use it for?
  1. Tuition Applications
  2. Textbook Reimbursement
  3. Activity Applications
How to Login

To use the new Professional Growth application, please visit: https://dst.sp.maricopa.edu/dwg/profgrowth. To log into the system, use the following format for your username and password:

  • UsernameMCCCD-ORG\MEID   (Please note that you must use MCCCD-ORG\ before your MEID to be able to access the system.)
  • Password: Please use the same password you use to log in to HRMS.

If you experience any problems using the site, please don’t hesitate to contact your PG Rep.

Application Deadlines

ALL PSD applications for tuition and activity will be due by the last day of previous month to be considered for the next month's meeting. Applications submitted on the first of the month will not be considered until the following month. For any questions, contact Cindy Cooper at (602) 286-8226.

PSA Officers

Janey Buri President (602) 286-8546 buri@gatewaycc.edu
Barbara Mazur Treasurer (602) 286-8477 mazur@gatewaycc.edu
Jessica Brosilo Secretary (602) 286-8152 brosilo@gatewaycc.edu
Margit Tirpak Representative - GW (602) 286-8411 tirpak@gatewaycc.edu
Mark Felder Representative - GW (602) 286-8644 felder@gatewaycc.edu
Sarah Risi Representative - GW (602) 286-8472 risi@gatewaycc.edu
David Huiett Representative - MSC (602) 238-4313 huiett@gatewaycc.edu
Lindsey Larson Representative - MSC (602) 238-0058 lindsey.larson@gatewaycc.edu
Debra Phillips Representative - MSC (602) 238-4367 phillipsdm@gatewaycc.edu
Cindy Cooper PSD Rep (602) 286-8226 cooper@gatewaycc.edu
Cindy Cooper PEL Rep (602) 286-8226 cooper@gatewaycc.edu
Ricky Silva PSI Rep (602) 286-8230 silva@gatewaycc.edu 



Administrative Assistant

Phone: (602) 286-8024
Building: Administrative - Faculty Wing
Room: AF234

Administrative Secretary III

Phone: (602) 286-8477
Fax: (602) 286-8478
Building: Center for Health Careers Education
Room: CH1063


Phone: (602) 286-8152
Fax: (602) 286-8151
Building: Integrated Education Building