GateWay's Vision, Mission, Goals & Values

GateWay Community College is a public institution of higher learning offering Associate Degrees, Certificates of Completion, continuing education courses and other educational services. Located in metropolitan Phoenix, the college has been serving the citizens of Maricopa County and Arizona since 1968. GateWay Community College is governed by the Maricopa County Community College District Governing Board.


GateWay Community College—a college for the community—works collectively and responsibly to meet the life-long learning needs of our diverse students and community.


GateWay Community College provides access to higher education for diverse students and communities. We focus on learning through:

University Transfer Education

General Education

Developmental Education

Workforce Development

Student Development Services

Continuing Education

Community Education

Civic Responsibility

Global Engagement


GateWay Community College, including the Maricopa Skill Center and GateWay Early College High School, in achieving the mission of the College, is committed to the following strategic goals and objectives:

  • Access - Provide access to high-quality education for all students and strengthen educational pathways through increased educational and business partnerships.
  • Learning - Promote and support opportunities for learning and development
  • Success - Increase the number of students who achieve their education or training goals, complete a degree or certificate, transfer to a university, and/or complete a workforce credential.
  • Community Engagement - Enhance civic, social, and cultural engagement opportunities by serving as the community’s college.
  • Entrepreneurism - Expand and leverage resources that enhance the college’s impact in the community through economic and workforce development.
  • Stewardship - Strategically leverage, grow and utilize resources to ensure student success, responsible stewardship and sustainability


Students are the primary reason we exist. We value our diverse learning community and respect our students for their life experiences and their achievements, and we appreciate their contributions. For these reasons, GateWay is committed to the following values:

As a lifelong endeavor of growth and self-discovery.

As a celebration of the unique richness that all individuals bring to our community and to the learning opportunity it provides.

To students, to each other, and to the community.

As a commitment to working together toward student success.

As an essential element in our learning environment. We strive to be honest, authentic, consistent, and respectful in our words and actions.

As critical in accomplishing our mission and goals. Through calculated risk-taking, we see possibilities . . . not limitations.


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