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Office of Academic Affairs

The Office of Academic Affairs at GateWay works closely with the Office of Student Affairs. Between the two offices, Academic Affairs administers all areas of instruction, including faculty, curriculum and student academic issues. Student Affairs has oversight of non-instructional areas related to student enrollment, student life and special student programs. Our mission is to enrich the student experience by fostering learning and personal development and by providing for and responding to students' needs.

Together the offices are designed and dedicated to serving students and to make sure that the campus learning environment is conducive to students attaining their academic goals. See below for programs and service areas.


Institutional Learning Outcomes

GateWay Community College is committed to student success through assessment for student learning. It is the aspiration of all faculty and staff that graduates of GateWay Community College will demonstrate proficiency in our three Institutional Learning Outcomes: Effective Communication, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving, and Personal Responsibility and Civic Engagement. 

We believe that these three Institutional Learning Outcomes are beneficial to students as they transition to the workforce or continue their academic studies, and endeavor to become engaged global citizens. 

Effective Communication 

Learners will communicate effectively in a range of social, academic, and professional contexts as defined by five competency areas: emotional intelligence, active listening, written, oral and visual modes, effective use of technology, and collaboration skills. 

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving 

Learners will develop the mindset to gather, organize, synthesize, analyze, and evaluate information to solve problems and make evidence-based decisions as defined by four competency areas: metacognition, decision making, information literacy, and analytical inquiry/quantitative reasoning. 

Personal Responsibility and Civic Engagement 

Learners will demonstrate personal growth and responsibility to others by addressing diverse cultural, civic, social, and global issues. 


Dr. Amy Diaz, Vice President of Academic Affairs

Dr. Amy Diaz has nearly 25 years of experience, serving junior high school and community college education in the state of Illinois and Arizona, both as a teacher and leader focused on community college student access, learning and success. Currently, Dr. Diaz serves as the Vice President of Academic Affairs. Previously, she served as the Dean of Liberal Arts and Learning Support at GateWay Community College, overseeing three academic divisions, as well as the Library and Learning Center, and participates in several committees and task forces at GateWay Community College.

During her tenure at Rock Valley College (RVC) in Rockford, Ill., Dr. Diaz served as a counselor, instructor, director and dean, and as Associate Vice President of Student Development for 12 years.

At RVC, she taught courses in Education; Fitness, Wellness & Sport; and Mathematics. Dr. Diaz provided administrative, programmatic and instructional oversight to courses taught through Student Development, including planning for success, career planning and service learning). She also has taught graduate level courses in educational psychology at Aurora University-George Williams Campus and Northern Illinois University. Dr. Diaz has a broad scope of experience in course and program assessment, evaluation for re-accreditation, strategic enrollment management, early alert and other retention practices, academic support and behavioral intervention team processes.

Dr. Diaz earned her EdD in Educational Psychology, Master's in Counseling for Higher Education and Bachelor’s in Secondary Mathematics Education.

Academic Affairs