Final Exam Schedule

Final Exam Schedules

Final exams will be held the last week of each semester.
Final exam times should be chosen based on where the starting time of the class lands (refer to the "Final Exam Schedule" to the right). Any variance from this schedule due to an exam schedule conflict should be discussed with the division chair(s) and instructors involved.

Classes meeting on Friday evening only,  Saturday only or Sunday only will have final examinations for 110 minutes during their last regular class meeting. Science classes will take exams based on the start time of the lecture section.

Fast-Track to Completion Classes
Final exams for short term classes (i.e., those that meet for less than 16 weeks), the final exam will be scheduled during the last class meeting.

Hybrid Classes & Nonstandard Class Meeting Times
Hybrid classes will have final exams on their class (face-to-face) meeting day for 110 minutes. Hybrid classes and classes meeting at nonstandard class meeting times may experience location and/or student schedule conflicts. When a student or instructor’s schedule results in a time conflict between two or more final exams, the instructors, in consultation with the division chair(s), will work together to establish an alternative final exam schedule or location.