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Athletics Eligibility

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Must I be a full-time student during the season?

You must maintain full-time status of 12 credit hours or more during the season of the sport you have chosen.

What determines eligibility after my initial full-time enrollment?

Eligibility is determined prior to the last official date to register for the term as published in the college catalog. At that time, you must have:

Passed 12 credit hours with a 2.0 GPA in previous full-time term; or have a total accumulation of 12 credit hours for each previous full-time term with a 2.0 GPA or higher; or as a first season participant, must have passed a minimum accumulation of 24 semester credit hours (36 quarter semester hours) with a 2.0 GPA or higher, regardless of term or other accumulation requirements.

Are there additional requirements I must meet to participate?

You also must make progress toward graduation. Before participation in a second season in any certified sport(s), a student must have:

Obtained at least 24 semester hours or 36 quarter hours with a 2.0 GPA or higher; or must have passed a minimum accumulation of 36 semester credit hours (54 quarter credit hours) for a fall sport, 48 semester credit hours (72 quarter credit hours) for a spring sport, with a 2.0 GPA or higher, regardless of previous term or other accumulation requirements.

What types of scholarships are available at GateWay?

A variety of scholarships are available. For athletes there is an athletic scholarship as well as general and program specific scholarships. Scholarship opportunities can be viewed online at The Financial Aid Scholarships page. All students are encouraged to apply for numerous scholarships for which they qualify.

If I am awarded an athletic scholarship and voluntarily do not participate, could I lose my scholarship?

Cancelation or modification of an athletic scholarship during the period of its effectiveness is allowed for the following reasons only:

If the athlete becomes ineligible for participation in athletics because of academic and/or disciplinary reasons. For misconduct unrelated to athletic ability found by the person or body in charge of general discipline at the institution. If the student-athlete voluntarily withdraws from a sport prior to the institution's first competition in that sport.

What is the NJCAA Scholarship Certification?

The NJCAA scholarship certification process is designed to inform you, in writing, how much athletic aid is being provided by the institution. This form binds the school to you for the amount of aid specified on the form.

What is the NJCAA Letter of Intent?

The NJCAA Letter of Intent is used to commit an individual to a specific institution for a period of one year. The form is only valid for NJCAA member colleges and has no jurisdiction over NCAA of NAIA colleges.

Must I have graduated from high school?

You must be a high school graduate or must have received a high school equivalency diploma or have been certified as having passed a national test such as the General Education Development Test (GED)

What if I am taking classes at a college while still in high school?

If you are enrolled in 12 or more credits at a college while still enrolled and completing your high school education, you are eligible for athletic participation if you complete a NJCAA High School Waiver Form signed by your high school principal and the respective college president. This option is not available to those whose high school class has already graduated.

How many seasons may I participate in a sport?

You are allowed two seasons of competition in any sport at a NJCAA college, if you have not participated at any intercollegiate level during two seasons previously. Playing in one or more regularly scheduled contests prior to post-season competition uses one season of participation in that sport.