Adrianne Gelhaar

GateWay Early College High School Helps Student Finish Ahead

Teens entering high school typically are not thinking about earning a college degree before graduating high school. Adrianne Gelhaar fell into that category, too, but now she is close to finishing a college degree. 

In her freshman year at GateWay Early College High School (GWECHS), she was introduced to the idea that she could earn a college degree while still in high school. “At first, I was a bit skeptical about switching schools since I was already in my freshman year, but I became very interested in finding out more about GWECHS and the possibility of taking college courses,” she said.

After a lot of research and discussion, Gelhaar decided to switch schools in order to improve her education and get ahead. While confident in her decision, she knew the challenge was just beginning. 

“Attending high school and college classes at the same time was tricky to navigate. I remember my first college class and how excited I was to attend. The instructor was incredible and really gave me the support I needed to succeed, as well as all of the other teachers at GateWay.” Gelhaar said. 

With that support, she is on track to finishing her Associate in Arts degree this fall. When asked what advice she would give to other high school students following her same path, she said, “Do not be afraid to do your own thing and stay focused. Take your education seriously and push yourself to your limits, because you will not regret it in the future. Think of yourself and your academic goals first."

Looking ahead, Gelhaar’s plans include pursuing a four-year degree at ASU and a master’s degree so that she can curate in museums. With a bright future on the horizon, her next achievements will come sooner thanks to GateWay Early College High School.

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