Cecilia Sheridan

Student Gains Strength and Resiliency Through Surgical Technology Program

Before Cecilia Sheridan arrived at GateWay, her life was filled with experiences from her extensive international travels. Taking advantage of those opportunities, she developed an appreciation for everyone and everything that surrounded her and learned there could be numerous pathways to take in life. 

After settling in Arizona as a Clinical Case Manager for an organization, she found happiness in serving vulnerable populations and making a difference in the lives of others. But she knew in her current role that complacency could sink in, and she set out to find a new career path where she could also make a difference. 

After an extensive search, she found her calling. “When I came across the Surgical Technology Program at GateWay Community College, I was convinced that it is what I wanted to do,” Sheridan said. 

From the moment she started, she fully immersed herself in the program, regardless of how difficult it seemed. “There were moments when it felt like an uphill battle, but once I made it to the top, it made sense why it took so much to get there. My biggest challenge was myself. I had to learn how to ‘get out of the way’ for further growth,” she said. 

Crediting the Surgical Technology faculty for her success, she completed her Certificate in Surgical Technology in May 2020.

Like all students finishing their degrees and certificates in 2020, finishing her coursework was only part of the battle. As traditional events like graduation were postponed during the ongoing pandemic, students going into the medical field faced uncertain environments, shifting job markets, and at times dangerous work places. 

“What I have gone through has made me stronger. Being at GateWay has increased my resiliency. I understand that I don’t have to always be in control of everything,” added Sheridan.

Despite the obstacles that still exist, Sheridan’s strength and resiliency, no doubt, will help her accomplish whatever comes next.

To learn more about the Surgical Technology program, visit: gatewaycc.edu/surgical-technology