Cheyenne Waters

Loss Leads GateWay Grad to Greater Purpose

Before beginning the Nuclear Medicine Technology program at GateWay, Cheyenne Waters' life was in turmoil. She had recently lost her husband and was unsure of her future. After a bit of research, she stumbled upon the Nuclear Medicine Technology program.

“I chose GateWay because it is the only school in the state that offers this degree,” she shared.

It was when she finally met Jeanne Dial and expressed her interest in the program, that she was given the opportunity to join. Waters admits the program was a challenge from day one and being a student while the world was entering a pandemic was a whole new obstacle.

“The biggest challenge I had to overcome was trying to graduate on time. My class was unsure if we would make it, and we had a lot of changes to suddenly adapt to.”

This GateWay graduate has a few words of advice for future graduates, “Time is everything! Always stay 10 steps ahead, soak up everything, and make the best use of your time. You can never be too prepared.”

With her degree in hand, Waters now looks to the future. She is currently running her own lab in an oncology office and plans to complete her bachelor’s degree through Northern Arizona University.

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