Clarissa Kubat

GateWay Student Discovers Love for Learning During Difficult Times

To say 2020 was rough is an understatement. However, GateWay student Clarissa Kubat found the support she needed to stay resilient from the faculty and staff at the college. She says they helped  her feel less alone during the most difficult times. 

Kubat began her journey at GateWay pursuing a degree in general business. 

“When I enrolled in my program, I knew it was the right degree for me. I began to love learning, and I could see the difference in my work.”

Putting in the overtime, Kubat worked six to seven days a week, while also finding time to tutor students in accounting, economics and communications.  

Like nearly 60% of students, Kubat worried about having enough money to pay for school. 

“The hardest part of my academic plan was making ends meet while paying for school out of pocket. GateWay made it easier by arranging a payment plan and offering low-cost class plans that had cost-friendly books or free learning tools.”

Due to COVID-19 many students were faced with the difficult task of transitioning to a virtual learning environment. Kubat shares her experience saying, “Unfortunately, I contracted the virus. It was the hardest few months, the grief, the isolation, and the sickness I felt was overbearing.”

Luckily, she had a supportive group of mentors that stepped up to offer their assistance.

“I got many calls from the amazing faculty and staff at GateWay, Mr. Gaberdiel and Mattsue Cahue-Lopez in the Honors Department frequently checked up on me, my health, and found additional services I could utilize while ill. My math professor, Ms. Shannon Ruth knew of the struggles I was facing and she continued to take her time with me, video calling with me to help me learn, and was always concerned about my well-being.” 

Kubat now runs her own online finance and tax business and hopes to complete her Bachelor’s Degree in Finance. 

“During my time at GateWay Community College, I have made myself proud and continue to push forward into making a better life for myself.”

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