Lisa Johnson

GateWay Student Captions Her Way to A National Scholarship

Lisa Johnson was at a crossroads. Having taken time off from her education to start a family, she was finally ready to make a career decision.     

One day, Johnson unexpectedly came across the Court Reporting Program, “I honestly hadn't heard about court reporting until a friend brought it up to me.”

Court Reporting may not be a profession you often hear about, but GateWay has provided training since 1975. Court reporters, also known as “guardians of the record” play a crucial role within the judicial process.

Johnson considered herself a fast typist and decided to look further into the program. She was impressed by the expert faculty and encouraging community and chose to enroll to see what it was all about.  

“I decided on GateWay because the Court Reporting program is among the best in the country, and they are NCRA certified and accredited,” she said.  

Court reporting is not for everyone. Records must be extremely accurate and the school holds students to high standards in order to pass tests and move up in speed.

“I appreciate and understand the standard of excellence, but it also is the most challenging aspect,” said Johnson.

In August, Johnson was the recipient of a $1,500 scholarship from the National Court Reporters Association. To be eligible, she was required to not only be an exemplary student but also pass a skills test writing between 140 and 180 words per minute.

When asked what words of wisdom she would give to current students, Johnson keeps it simple, “Practice as much as you possibly can. There is no substitute for hard work, but if you put in the hours, you will gain speed and accuracy.”

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