Ninoshka Gamez

GateWay Student Finds Clear Vision for the Future with Ophthalmic Certification

For many students, the transition between high school to university can present tremendous challenges. For Ninoshka Gamez, that was no exception. An extraordinarily gifted student, Gamez initially struggled with her university studies and, at one point, almost failed out.

But that all changed when she arrived at GateWay Community College. Knowing she wanted to work in the medical field, an advisor pointed her to several programs, including the Ophthalmic Medical Assistant program. At that moment, it all clicked.

Enrolling in a program and field of study she was passionate about made all the difference. “I have been interested in optometry for about 10 years, and I never knew this program was available. I recall when I put on my first pair of glasses in the fifth grade. I could see leaves on the trees and details I didn’t know I was missing out on in life. This field of work changed my world forever,” said Gamez.

As Gamez worked through the program, she received the support and hands-on training she needed to break through her previous academic struggles. “My experience at GateWay has been blessed. I feel fortunate to have worked through the only ophthalmic program offered in Arizona. My instructor was amazing and used so many different learning styles to ensure we were successful,” said Gamez.

This year, Gamez graduated from the Ophthalmic Medical Assistant program and received her ophthalmic assisting certification through the American Academy of Ophthalmology. Additionally, she has received her ophthalmic scribe certification through the International Joint Commission on Allied Health Personnel in Ophthalmology. 

With her certifications complete, she landed a job teaching for a top ophthalmic and optometry practice and is using what she learned at GateWay daily. Gamez plans to continue to further her education in the field and is even considering medical school. “It is easy to feel stuck in one place, but there is also always an opportunity to advance and better oneself. I desire to help others preserve their eyesight and receive high-quality service,” she added.

With a new career and a clear vision for the future, there is no telling how far this GateWay grad will go.

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