Shukri Muhidin

First Generation Student Perseveres

Shukri Muhidin knows about overcoming adversity. She arrived in the U.S. five years ago without understanding a word of English, but she was dedicated and up for the challenge. During her time in high school, she spent four hours a day taking English courses. She was so determined to graduate on time that she even took after school and summer classes. Those classes helped prepare her for her time at GateWay Community College. 

“What I learned from that experience was that it doesn’t matter if you do not know how to write, read or speak English. Hard work, effort and dedication will pay off,” said Muhidin. 

When she embarked on her higher education journey, Muhidin’s mentors and friends advised her to begin with a lower level English class. She was reluctant and ended up proving everybody wrong by using her high GPA to enroll in English 101 and completed her first semester with an A. 

Muhidin credits many of the free college resources for her continued success. 

“The Learning Center has great tutors and resources. The Library is a quiet place to learn and I love to borrow books. GateWay changed my life in many ways.” 

She was also able to develop friends and community in the clubs at GateWay. “The Excel program and TRiO have helped me whenever I am facing stress and difficulty, they are great mentors.” 

Muhidin looks forward to completing her Associate in Science degree and becoming the first member of her family to complete high school and college. 

“My parents and siblings motivate and inspire me to learn more, I can’t wait until I can graduate from GateWay!” Muhidin said. 

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