Veronica Fielder

Recent GateWay Alumnus Changes Course to Follow Her Passion

As Veronica Fielder was working on completing her Associate Degree in Business, she suddenly had a change of heart and realized she wasn’t following her passion. She knew she loved the medical field, and after her family moved to Arizona, she decided it was time to change course. 

As she explored the different programs in the healthcare field, something about Medical Billing and Coding intrigued her and she started calling around to different schools. “GateWay gave me so much more information about the program I was interested in and also informed me about the AAPC exam if I wanted to become a coder,” she said. From that moment, she was hooked. 

As she set out to complete the program, self-doubt started to creep in. “I was doubting and also super hard on myself. But the advice I received was that it’s not always about the grade, it’s about learning from your mistakes and understanding what you are doing. In this type of work, you will always be learning something new,” she said. 

Through practice and perseverance, she completed the Medical Billing and Coding program at GateWay in August of this year. “My experience at GateWay was honestly awesome!  My instructors Mrs. Susan and Mrs. Kia were incredible and taught us so much! These amazing ladies literally go out of their way to help you and educate you,” Veronica added. 

Now that she has finished the program, she’s not stopping. Veronica plans on passing the CPC exam so she can get a job at a medical specialist’s office and eventually, would like to become a Medical Auditor (CPMA). She is even open to teaching in the future.

When asked what she would tell current students enrolled in the program, she said, “Please listen to Kia and Susan! They know what they are doing and are really great instructors who love this field of work and have the passion for teaching their students.”

To learn more about the Medical Billing and Coding program at GateWay Community College, please visit The next start date is February 2021.