GateWay Community College Unmudl

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As part of a revolutionary concept in the community college sector, GateWay Community College is now able to provide select non-credit offerings to a national audience via Unmudl. This new website is expected to be the Amazon of community college offerings; essentially a one-stop for course to work training options offered to anyone across the country who is looking to upgrade skills in order to secure a family-sustaining job, for individuals who are out of work, as well as working professionals who want to re-career, up-skill or need continuing education credits. 

The Unmudl mission is to support every learner's evolution to become an agile "working learner" – essentially an individual who wants to combine their learning and training with their job and career. Combining learning and work opportunities reduces time spent in both activities, reduces cost to increase skills that are applicable at work, and increase certainty in decision-making to better yourself and earn more.

As one of the lead community colleges that is participating from across the country, GateWay offers affordable non-credit training opportunities and options that build the soft skills in management, as well as tech programming, web development, financial and data analytics, healthcare continuing education, and wellness continuing education in massage therapy.


Whether you want to train for a career, or learn just for the fun of it, we'll help you reach your goals.

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