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Gregory Goodrich

Philosophy Faculty
(602) 286-8047

Gregory Goodrich

Gregory Goodrich is a professor of philosophy and humanities. He is a first-generation college graduate and a native of Arizona. He graduated with his MA in philosophy from Arizona State University and has BA degrees in both philosophy and history, with a minor in classics from Northern Arizona University. Gregory has taught for Maricopa colleges since 2012, and has been a residential faculty member at Gateway since 2017. His areas of interest include ethics, philosophy of religion, and intellectual history.

Professor Goodrich teaches the following courses:

  • Philosophy: Introduction to Philosophy (PHI101)
  • Introduction to Logic (PHI103)
  • Introduction to Ethics (PHI105)
  • Medical and Bio-Ethics (PHI213)
  • Philosophy of Religion (PHI244)
  • Humanities: Universal Themes (HUM201)
  • Ideas and Values in the Humanities (HUM250)