Center for Teaching & Learning

Center for Teaching, Learning, and Employee Development

The mission of the Center for Teaching, Learning, and Employee Development is to foster a safe, creative and collaborative environment that supports student success by promoting teaching excellence and professional growth for all employees.


  • Foster educational insights that lead to increased student academic achievement.
  • Provide an environment for information sharing with faculty.
  • Offer networking opportunities for all employees to build a community of collaboration.
  • Provide technology support and training to enhance teaching and learning.
  • Work with faculty to develop sound and appropriate assessment practices.
  • Encourage classroom ‘research’ into new instructional strategies, methods, and innovations.
  • Facilitate and encourage professional development of all employees.


Workshops & Events

The Center for Teaching, Learning, and Employee Development hosts events for all GateWay employees. You are invited to join us and participate in any of the workshops and activities, including Canvas; Microsoft Office; roundtables where various topics are presented and discussed; discussions with President Steven Gonzales and much more. See events below.





Resources on policy and procedures, mandatory training, acknowledgement and disclosures, and FERPA regulations follow.

Mandatory Training
Acknowledgement & Disclosures
Adjunct Faculty Handbook (GWCC)
Advisory Committee Guidebook
District Group Policy Manuals
FERPA Policies

It is recommended that faculty become familiar with the MCCCD and GateWay resources that are available. The following resources provide help with student issues, employee benefits and Human Resource Department questions.

MCCCD New Employee
Student Affairs
Academic Affairs
Faculty Evaluation Plan


Network with peers to keep up with the latest information about happenings in the Maricopa Community College District by contacting the following associations.

Adjunct Faculty Association
Adjunct Faculty Association MCLI


Learn exceptional teaching skills from the “best of the best experienced professionals” by considering the following educational resources and organizations!

Maricopa Center for Learning and Instruction

Use the resources below to answer questions when applying for professional growth or tuition waivers, or when completing evaluations.

MCLI Professional Growth (Adjunct Faculty)
MCLI Professional Growth (Faculty)
Tuition Waiver Forms

Use the below to answer questions when applying for professional growth or tuition waivers, or when completing evaluations.

This multimedia resource for community college faculty will challenge your previous thinking about teaching and learning and give you the basic tools for effective classroom practice. The key theme of the course is to encourage you to focus on what the students will do and take responsibility for their success.

Getting Results: Effective Teaching Modules

Understand the travel regulations or obtain the necessary travel forms before traveling to an upcoming conference or seminar using the links below.

Mileage Reimbursement Form
MCCCD Travel Administrative Regulations
MCCCD Travel Annual Acknowledgement & Disclosure
Travel Authorization
MCCCD Travel International Forms
Expense Report