Court Reporting

A court reporter, also known as a court clerk or stenographer, is a key player in legal cases — with a duty to produce an accurate and complete transcript of courtroom proceedings, witness testimonies, and depositions. Court reporting requires an understanding of medical terminology, maritime law, construction defects, and all aspects of litigation, not to mention good grammar and especially fast typing skills. Our Court Reporting program will help prepare you for a career as a court reporter in a variety of settings — in the courtroom, government sector, corporations, freelance reporting agencies, or closed captioning industries.

The program will teach you the necessary skills to become a court reporter with a combination of coursework and real-world experience through our judicial internship. You will learn how to operate a computer-aided transcription (CAT) system and related technologies using translate, edit, and print functions. You will develop listening and concentration skills, as well as gain a broad knowledge of socio-cultural, academic, medical, legal, and professional language, and learn the National Court Reporters Association (NCRA) Code of Professional Ethics necessary for court reporting.

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Court Reporting: Judicial

GateWay Community College is the only community college offering the Court Reporting program in the state. You will prepare for an exciting career in the judicial system. Since 1975, GateWay has been providing excellence in court reporting training. Our programs are approved by the National Court Reporters Association (NCRA).

You train in state-of-the-art facilities with stenowriters, computers and the necessary software. In addition, you receive a great view of this career from our expert faculty who has more than 100 years of combined experience.

Professionals in this field also work in the broadcast and event industries, providing transcription services for closed captioning purposes. 

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Program Location

Washington Campus

Program Cost Estimates*

Certificate of Completion in Court Reporting-Judicial: $6,063
Associate in Applied Science in Court Reporting-Judicial: $8,661

*Please note that these are only estimates and do not include books. These estimates may change based on increases to tuition, course fees and book costs. Estimates are based on tuition rates for in-county students. Additional fees may apply.


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The GateWay Court Reporting program is approved by the:
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