Medical Interpreter - Spanish (12 Hours Per Week)

This award is not eligible for Financial Aid

The Certificate of Competency in Medical Interpreter - Spanish program is a 200-hour introduction to medical interpreting that includes a 40-hour externship. Bilingual individuals who would like to interpret or pursue a bilingual career in a health care setting can gain skills necessary to interpret in a manner consistent with national standards of practice for healthcare interpreters. Students learn medical terminology in English and Spanish, body systems, legal issues, ethics, standards of practice, and cultural awareness. Emphasis is placed on practicing interpretation in the consecutive, simultaneous, and basic sight translation modes. This program exceeds the minimum training requirements necessary for students to take the national Spanish Certified Healthcare Interpreter examination through CCHI (Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters).


Academic Plan Code: 
Certificate of Competency (CCT)
Total Clock Hours: 
Effective term: 
2019 Fall 1
Award notes

This program is not eligible for Title IV Federal Financial Aid.

Students will be required to take a randomized urine drug screen and submit a negative result prior to be eligible to participate in clinical externship. The expense of the urine drug screen is the student`s responsibility.

Students are required to complete 40 hours of clinical externship to complete this program. Externship hours are site specific and may require attendance any day of the week, including during unscheduled days and times. 

Students must meet all required program competencies in order to receive a passing grade. This program is a P (pass) or Z (fail) graded program.

Upon successful completion of the program, students will be eligible to take the national certification exam through CCHI and NBMI.

Admission criteria

1. 18 years of age to enroll

2. Accuplacer Reading score of 74, or greater or Accuplacer Next Generation score of 249 or greater, or ACT Reading score of 22 or greater, or High School GPA of 3.0 or higher (within the last 10 years), or GED Reading score of 175 or higher, or successful completion of RDG100 or CRE101 with a grade of C or better

3. Completed admission packet

4. Arizona Level One Fingerprint Clearance Card (DPS)

5. Proof of immunizations

6. Healthcare Level CPR Card

7. Healthcare signature form completed

8. MCCCD Supplemental Background Check

9. Current and valid government issued photo identification

10. Required to sign up and pay for Castle Branch and myClinicalExchange

11. Students must take and pass the written and oral English and Spanish assessment tests. The written exam can be taken at either Central City Campus or EMCC Testing Center in Avondale.

Required courses
Course #Course TitleClock Hours
Clock Hours:200
MIC101Fundamentals of Healthcare Interpreting80
MIC103Medical and Clinical Development80
MIC105Medical Interpreter: Professional Externship40
Program Competencies
  • Define healthcare interpreting terminology without the aid of reference materials. (MIC101)
  • Name each person in the healthcare triad. (MIC101)
  • Apply the interpretive Theory of Translation to solve linguistic dilemmas during a simulated interpreter encounter. (MIC101)
  • Identify at least two ways to support short-term memory and demonstrated related skills. (MIC101)
  • Participate in interpreting practice sessions. (MIC101)
  • Given a sample scenario from one of the body systems, interpret general healthcare information from English to Spanish using the consecutive mode. (MIC101)
  • Demonstrate the ability to clarify information when it is not understood. (MIC101)
  • Identify actions to prepare for an interpreting encounter. (MIC101)
  • Demonstrate the ability to do an interpreter pre-session in English and Spanish. (MIC101)
  • Identify actions to manage an interpreted encounter. (MIC101)
  • State the circumstances for using each mode of interpreting in a healthcare setting: simultaneous, consecutive, and sight translation. (MIC101)
  • Demonstrate the ability to maintain the register of the source-language speaker when interpreting. (MIC101)
  • Demonstrate the ability to maintain a log of interpreted encounters. (MIC101)
  • Utilize basic anatomy and physiology. (MIC103)
  • Utilize medical terminology in Spanish & English for healthcare. (MIC103)
  • Demonstrate correct pronunciation of common medical abbreviations for medical specialists and branches of medicine. (MIC103)
  • Analyze, define and correctly spell medical terms and abbreviations. (MIC103)
  • Identify body systems: cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, musculoskeletal, genitourinary, endocrine, immune, and nervous. (MIC103)
  • Interpret common test procedures for each system. (MIC103)
  • Demonstrate cancer and first response interpretation roles. (MIC103)
  • Prepare for externship. (MIC103)
  • Demonstrate professional conduct. (MIC103)
  • Demonstrate interpreter dress code. (MIC103)
  • Demonstrate bilingual customer service. (MIC103)
  • Identify downtime activities. (MIC103)
  • Interpret healthcare interaction under supervision of clinical remote or hospital preceptor. (MIC105)
  • Apply practical training of healthcare interpreting under supervision of clinical remote or hospital preceptor. (MIC105)
  • Train with staff interpreters or dual-role interpreters. (MIC105)
  • Document the healthcare interaction through use of daily interpreter logs. (MIC105)
  • Utilize preceptor evaluation to improve and attain satisfactory evaluation as required to successfully complete the externship. (MIC105)
  • Meet the clinical facility`s requirements prior to beginning externship. (MIC105)
  • Complete any required training. May include online training. (MIC105)
  • Submit required documents to the facility. (MIC105)
  • Complete required externship hours, which will vary. (MIC105)
  • Provide reliable transportation to travel to available sites. (MIC105)
  • Submit required attendance logs and evaluation to the school. (MIC105)

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