DISCOVER Summer Camp

DISCOVER Summer Camp

GateWay Community College now offers a dynamic summer camp experience for children ages 5 (finished with Kindergarten) to 12 years old. Your child will have the opportunity to experience nine weeks of excitement through crafts, field trips, and themed activities. Each week children will have the opportunity to choose from a variety of activities that will help them create memories to last a lifetime. Call (602) 286-8130 or email for more information. Breakfast, lunch, two snacks, and field trips are included in the weekly cost. 

WHEN: Monday-Friday | 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM 
WHERE: Main Building | MA1100 N/S 
PRICE: $200 per week (includes breakfast, lunch & snacks) +  $10 T-shirt Fee + $10 Registration Fee  

Week 1: Amazing Animals

Throughout the week, campers will learn about desert animals, bio-mimicry, weird and unusual creatures, and prehistoric life! Children will explore animal habitats, the types of foods they eat and learn how we can help take care of them. We will take a field trip to the Phoenix Zoo where children will have the opportunity to see real animals and learn how zoos help animals stay healthy and safe. 

When: May 29-June 2

Week 2: All About Arizona

Throughout the week, campers will learn about desert animals that are native to Arizona, famous Arizona destinations, and all of the things that happen in the desert. Children will explore nature, take virtual visits to popular landmarks and learn how to be good stewards of the climate and state we live in. We will take a field trip to the Arizona Herpetological Society and explore an assortment of reptiles and how we can keep them and ourselves safe. 

When: June 5-9

Week 3: Out of This World

Throughout the week, campers will learn all about outer space, how it was formed and how our solar system works. Children will explore the planets in our solar system, take a look at past and current NASA research and complete tons of art and activities to help them connect outer space to real life experiences. We will take a field trip to the Earth and Space Expedition Center. There, children will experience outer space in a whole new way and have the opportunity to see the stars in the planetarium. 

When: June 12-16

Week 4: The Power of Steam

Join us for a week dedicated to the exploration of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math! Campers will conduct experiments, create art pieces, engineer their own modern marvels, and more! To enhance their experiences, children will take a field trip to the Arizona Science Center. 

When: June 19-23

Week 5: Around the World

Join us as we travel around the world and visit different countries where many of us find our family origins. Each day we will visit a different country, explore food, experience cultural crafts, and learn about fun historical facts. We will take a field trip to the Musical Instrument Museum and learn about music and instruments from all over the world.

When: June 26-July 30

Week 6: Dino Discovery

This week, campers will learn about an assortment of dinosaurs, what they are and where they lived. We will explore virtual dino digs, learn about all the places where dinosaurs have been excavated and participate in crafts and activities to connect learning to real life experiences. We will take a field trip to Pangea: Land of the Dinosaurs where the children will get to see life size dinosaur replicas, and participate in excavation and exploration all while learning about each type of dinosaur and why it was important. 

When: July 5-8

Week 7: Community Service

Community, equity, and equality are current conversations happening around our country. Campers will have the opportunity to collect information about services they care about, learn how other children created their own community service initiatives, and find ways to participate in those projects. We will go on a field trip to Feed My Starving Children to learn about children around the world who are suffering from food insecurity and pack them nutritious meals. 

When: July 10-14

Week 8: Kids in the Kitchen

This week will be an awesome week of baking exploration. Campers will learn about kitchen and food safety, baking techniques, cupcake decorating, and food presentation, and engage in a cupcake baking challenge judged by special guest judges. During the week, we will have visits from assorted chefs and bakers to learn how to cook something new.

When: July 17-21

Week 9: Healthy and Active for the School Year

Phoenix is the perfect place to engage in an assortment of athletic and sporting activities. Throughout the week, children will have an opportunity to explore an assortment of physical activities indoors and out while also learning about how to keep your body healthy and safe. We will take a field trip to a local trampoline park where we will have and end of summer party while we participate in activities that exert energy and help us to stay active.

When: July 24-28

To enroll your child:

Call (602) 286–8130 or Email

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