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Workshop Series and Trainings

DEI 101 

At the Center, we recognize that everyone is at a different place in their learning journey. You can join a scheduled workshop, or arrange to host a training for your class, group, department, or unit. DEI 101 workshops are designed to fit within a 60-minute session, but can be adjusted to fit your needs. Our current DEI 101 offerings include:

  • Active Listening & Difficult Dialogues
  • Understanding My Identities
  • Gender & Sexuality
  • Race, Ethnicity & Colorism
  • Religion
  • (Dis)ability
  • Age & Ageism
  • Socioeconomic Status & Classism
  • The Immigrant and Refugee Experience
  • Mental Health 

Family Programming

In our effort to inclusively serve our students, we welcome students’ children, siblings, parents, and other family members at most of our events. Please contact our coordinator at if you have any questions about family-friendly programs and events.