LET'S TALK ABOUT __________!

Let's Talk About

LET'S TALK ABOUT __________!  /  ¡Hablemos de __________!

Are you a student who is looking for a place to ask questions and share your thoughts? Then stop by Let’s Talk About ________! / ¡Hablemos de ________! every other Wednesday at 12 p.m. 

You can join in-person in the DEI Center or online.

Wednesdays  |  12 – 1 p.m. 
DEI Center  |  Room MA 1150


Women's History in Film!

As part of recognizing Women's History Month, we are exploring some incredible women through FREE movies brought to you by GateWay’s Library streaming services. Watch the movie whenever you can, then stop by the DEI Center in MA 1150 or join online during the following dates to share your thoughts and hear from other viewers!


Ohero: Kon – Under the Husk

Wednesday, March 9, 12 p.m. – Ohero: Kon – Under the Husk
Ohero: Kon – Under the Husk (28 min.) follows two Mohawk girls on their journey to become Mohawk women. Friends since childhood, Kaienkwinehtha and Kasennakohe are members of the traditional community of Akwesasne on the U.S./Canada border. Together, they undertake a four-year rite of passage for adolescents, called Ohero:kon, or "under the husk." The ceremony was nearly extinct due to colonialism and intergenerational trauma, but was revived in the past decade by two traditional leaders and continues to grow back.



Wednesday, March 30, 12 p.m. – Sonita
The award-winning documentary, Sonita (92 min.), follows the life of Sonita Alizadeh, an 18-year-old Afghan refugee in Iran who strives to become an independent musical artist. Threatening this dream is the reality that her family plans to arrange a marriage for her that will provide them with a dowry of $9,000. This story tells the struggle of navigating different desires and goals between generations.