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Disbursement for Credit Hour Classes

The Cashier's Office is responsible for collecting tuition payments, resolving account issues, disbursing financial aid refunds and much more. Services provided include:

Financial aid checks are disbursed through this office when you have any excess financial aid funds remaining after tuition and fees are paid in full. Checks are disbursed approximately 20 to 30 days after the beginning of the semester. Please plan for this delay in disbursement.


Before a check is disbursed, the following criteria must be met:

  • You have grant/scholarship awards for the semester.
  • You are enrolled in the proper credit hours for which you were awarded a grant/scholarship.
  • You have completed all coursework from prior semesters.
  • Your classes have started and you are attending all classes.
  • You are in a program of study that is eligible for federal financial aid.
  • You have maintained the standards as outlined in the procedures of satisfactory academic progress for financial aid eligibility document.
  • Your grant/scholarship awards are more than your tuition and fees for the semester.
  • You are not a first time borrower and you have attended the required loan entrance session.
  • You have provided proof of having a current Arizona address to Admission & Records.
  • You have two forms of picture identification and your address matches the Arizona address on file with Admission & Records.

If any of the above information does not apply, then the financial aid check may not be available for disbursement.

Financial Aid Disbursement Information

Disbursements: Per GateWay Community College policy, financial aid disbursements are processed through the MSRP process. If you have been awarded financial aid for Fall 2022 semester but have not received the disbursement by September 15, 2022, you may contact the Financial Aid Office at or (855) 622-2332. With late starting classes, online classes or overlapping classes from a prior term, you may have some (or all) of your grant and/or loan disbursements delayed past the date above. Please plan accordingly. MSRP Information or refund information is available at Aid for students who start late in the semester will be delayed for seven days after the start of their first class.

When aid is awarded before you are enrolled, it is projected and awarded based on full-time enrollment. If you are not enrolled as a full-time student by August 29, 2022, your aid will be adjusted to your level of enrollment. It is possible that once your enrollment has been recalculated you may owe money back for the tuition or book allowance you received based on the full-time status.

Aid disbursements for your online classes may be delayed, pending verification of attendance and participation.

Pell Recalculation Date (Census Date): For those who are awarded aid by the recalculation date (for the Fall 2022 semester, the recalculation date is August 29, 2022, 7 p.m.), your enrollment as of the recalculation date will determine the Pell Grant award. Please note that if you change your enrollment level by August 29, 2022, your Pell Grant will be adjusted to your level of enrollment. The Pell Grant cannot be increased for classes added after the recalculation date for that term, including adding classes at GateWay or turning in consortium agreements for classes taken at other colleges. In order to be eligible for Pell Grant for the classes, you must be registered by the recalculation date (this applies to late start classes as well), and if applicable, the Financial Aid Office must have a completed consortium agreement by the recalculation date.

Your initial financial aid disbursement is based on your level of enrollment on the Pell recalculation date. If for some reason, you do not maintain the level of enrollment (full-time, 12+ credit hours; 3/4 time, 9-11 credit hours; or half-time 6-8 credit hours) for which you were awarded, by not attending, dropping your late starting class(es) and/or enrolling in a class(es) which subsequently is canceled, your aid will be adjusted accordingly and you may incur a debt. If you apply for aid after the recalculation date, your Pell Grant award will be based on the number of credit hours enrolled in on the day your award is calculated.

Book Advances

The Book Advance program provides cash advances of Financial Aid Awards to eligible Financial Aid recipients. You are able to purchase books and supplies with your advances at the on-campus bookstore, at neighborhood bookstores or online. See Book Advances Disbursement Dates for more information.


If you are expecting a student loan, you must complete the Direct Loan Master Promissory Note (MPN) before the loan can be disbursed. The first disbursement may be delayed beyond September 15, 2022, if you are enrolled in late starting/modular classes or a first-time student at GateWay. Also note that the date indicated on the MPN is not the actual disbursement date. All Loans are required to have two disbursements, this includes one-semester loans. The second disbursement on a one-semester loan must be disbursed no sooner than half way through the disbursement period.

Consortium Agreements

You are responsible to pay the tuition with your own funds at the host (participating) school. The home (parent) school cannot put a hold on classes nor contact the host (participating) school to inform them of anticipated aid. Financial aid must be awarded at the college where you are attending more than 50 percent of your total credits for that term. Additionally, loan recipients must be enrolled in at least six credit hours per term at the school awarding the aid. For all Consortium Agreements the course work at the host institution may not overlap the end date of the prior term or start date of the subsequent term at the home institution.

Note that classes that do not span the entire length of the semester (approximately 16 weeks) could affect your financial aid eligibility (i.e., amounts, disbursement dates, eligibility, etc.)