Finishing Trades

Painter-Decorator (Painter Construction):

Painters and Decorators apply decorative and protective finishes in residential, commercial and institutional properties. They prepare a variety of surfaces (wood, masonry, drywall, plaster, concrete, synthetics, stucco and metal) prior to the application of materials such as paint, high performance coatings, varnish, shellac, wall covering and special decorative finishes. 

Drywall Finisher (Taper): 

Drywall Tapers and Finishers apply tape over drywall seams and apply additional coats of drywall compound to provide a smooth or textured surface that is ready to accept whatever finish has been chosen for it. 

Industrial Coating and Lining Application Specialist: 

Industrial Coating and Lining Application Specialists apply/install protective coatings and linings to steel and concrete on complex structures, such as bridges and towers; waterfront structures; metal and manufacturing facilities; chemical and processing facilities; and conventional and nuclear power generation facilities. 

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Contact the Finishing Trades Institute of Arizona at (602) 244-0768 for complete details.

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Program Location

Washington Campus 


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