First Year Experience

What is First Year Experience (FYE)

The First Year Experience sets a foundation for you, an incoming first-time college student, to be successful in your academic career. The First Year Experience makes you feel connected to the campus, empowering you by teaching you how to use your resources. We realize you are an individual with your own needs, and we want to ensure that you feel supported in the transition to college.
Many resources and programs exist to help you acclimate to being a college student and ensure success. 

Student Services

GateWay provides you with a variety of resources and services to help you succeed. Student services include tutoring, mentoring, counseling and support, power math camps, writing workshops, resume building and interview preparation. These helpful resources can be found on campus:
At GateWay, we facilitate the transition into college by assisting and preparing you for college-level work. First-time college students sometimes find themselves struggling in subjects such as math or writing, so a four-day Math Camp is offered at the beginning of each semester  as well as writing workshops to help you improve your math competencies and literacy if needed. 

Student Support

Student support programs are available to help you transition into being a first-time college student, but are offered continuously throughout your academic career at GateWay. These programs include:
  • TRIO-Prosper: A student support services program created to aid in academic development, assist students with basic college requirements and motivate students.
  • EXCEL: A mentoring and scholarship program for new students who have less than 24 credits.

New Student Orientation

Below, you will find valuable information about becoming a GateWay Gecko in GateWay's associate degree and certificate of completion programs.

Participating in Gecko Gear Up (GGU) is one of the first steps to becoming an official GateWay Gecko. Gecko Gear Up places you on the path to navigating college successfully.

After you have completed your application and placement tests, you are ready for Gecko Gear Up.

At Gecko Gear Up, you will learn about tools designed to help you discover your academic and career path, practice navigating the Student Center, receive advising, and even enroll in classes. You will also learn about future Financial Aid workshops, payment plan options and other tips.

Gecko Gear Up allows you to:

  • Review helpful resources for choosing a plan of study and a career
  • Receive an introduction to the fundamentals of financial aid and how to pay for college
  • Participate in group academic advisement
  • Learn how to navigate your Student Center to enroll in classes and New Student Orientation

Be sure to bring a government issued ID as well as your MEID and password.

Gecko Gear Up Sessions
These sessions are held in the Student Success Center/MA1372.  

Register for a Gecko Gear Up session here.

Once enrolled, visit the New Student Orientation page for links and details about different aspects of the college. 

Student Success Course: CPD 150

GateWay Community College data on first-time college students shows that students who successfully completed the college success course in their first semester were two-times more likely to pass the majority of their courses than students who did not complete the college success course.

The CPD150 experience is designed to make any level of student more effective and efficient in the pursuit of their academic and career goals. The course assists you in identifying and developing the success habits that will help you achieve your goals in the most effective and efficient manner possible.

At GateWay Community College, all first-time college students (including all recent high school graduates) who want to earn a degree and/or transfer to a four-year university must take a College Success Class.

Note: The CPD150 class transfers to Arizona State University, University of Arizona, and Northern Arizona University