Make a Difference

Make a difference today in the lives of some amazing students by choosing to support Gateway Early College High School. Your financial support whether through an Arizona Education Tax Credit or partnering with us through the Gateway Foundation provides opportunities that might not otherwise be available.

Supporting GateWay Early College High School students will make the path to their future continually bright.

It’s not a secret that students and educators everywhere have been presented with great challenges in recent times. Most of our students' families have been affected by economic hardships, food and living instability, as well as extreme losses recently due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, our students are working hard to see past all of the obstacles in their lives to focus on their future educational and career goals. Your donation will help them realize that their goals are still in sight.


Where can my support have an impact?


  • Student experience based trips to in and out of state universities
  • Helping pay for standardized testing and fees as part of the requirements on the university pathway
  • Career and Technical Education Assessments (CTE)
  • Access to the Arts through trips to plays, operas, symphonies and museums
  • On Campus equipment to assist students with their physical well being

How much can I donate?
You can give up to the maximum allowable tax credit:

  • Single: $200
  • Married filing jointly: $400

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  • Scholarships for college classes for students who might not qualify otherwise
  • Scholarships for students who enroll in programs that have fee requirements such as licensure costs, application fees, uniforms and fingerprint clearance cards
  • Dress for Success programs for students
  • Career networking internships and experiences
  • Transportation and participation in community based and service learning events

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How will my support benefit students?

The Arizona Education Tax Credit supports extracurricular activities for our students. GateWay Early College High School has a 0% dropout rate and a 98% college acceptance rate. Your donations enabled students to participate in programs or activities that otherwise are not available through school funding. Families often will have to find ways to pay for fees and activities to cover their student’s participation. Your donation has a direct impact on student success as doors are opened for them to experience these opportunities.

Eligible Activities or Programs

  • Extracurricular Activities – school sponsored activities for enrolled students that supplement the schools education program
  • Character Education – a course of study designed to illustrate certain character traits (see guidelines for list of allowed topics)
  • Standardized Testing and Fees – tests that are widely recognized and accepted by universities
  • Career and Technical Education Assessment (CTE)
  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Training (CPR) – based on nationally recognized guidelines


Common Questions

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