About Us

We are committed to providing students with an opportunity to earn a high school diploma and an Associate’s degree, enough college credits to enter a 4 year university as a junior, or a Certificate of Completion in a professional & technical area.


GateWay Community High School was established on campus in 1995. In 2004, the Early College component was added to the high school, the first of its kind in Phoenix, serving as a a new kind of learning institution for underserved urban high school students. This is a special place that provides the rigor of college-level work in high school along with critical academic support from a dedicated and caring staff.

Early College Difference

GateWay ECHS is the opportunity of a lifetime for many Valley students. Our students graduate better prepared for post-secondary education without remediation and/or the workplace with marketable skills.

Our work begins with the simple recognition that the quality of the interpersonal relationship between a student and a teacher is a powerful factor in achievement. Students walk down the halls and feel comfortable because everyone involved with the schools knows their names and families.

Learning about our students, teaching and mentoring is a large testament to our success. The rigor and intellectual challenge of required coursework like Personal Finance, Public Speaking and Service Learning serves to enhance the lives of our students beyond the classroom.