Carry the Torch to HLC Gold in 2020


As GateWay prepares for the reaffirmation of accreditation, it is important to inform the college and its community of the process, and also to provide opportunities for the college community to be engaged. Recognizing the importance of this endeavor, the Engagement Team will present several opportunities for faculty, staff, students, and community members to learn more about GateWay, help tell the story of GateWay, and participate in campus-wide activities. Some activities will pertain to re-accreditation in general, and others will be geared toward a specific criterion. This page will serve as the primary place to learn about and participate in these activities.

In Spring 2018 GateWay held Opening Ceremonies to launch and engage employees in the reaffirmation process. Did you miss the event on January 9, 2018? Don't worry, we are just getting started. In Fall 2018 GateWay will launch communication to students and the external community. Stay tuned for additional details about these (and other) upcoming events:

March 9, 2018: Employee BBQ Potluck HLC Games
April 27, 2018: GateWay Learning Outcomes (GLO) Day: GLOing for the Gold
May 11, 2018: Employee End of Year Celebration
August 13, 2018: "We Are GateWay" All Employee Meeting

Also, don't miss the opportunity to win awards by completing quizzes, crossword puzzles, and fill-in-the-blank activities. Check the Activities tab regularly for details!

GateWay is officially in training for the Higher Learning Commission visit for reaccreditation in December 2019 - and The HLC Engagement Team is challenging every Gecko to get involved!

On your mark, get set... GO! Tackle the activities below and be entered into the HLC Athletes quarterly drawing! Winners will be announced at the All-Employee Meeting in May.

Activity #1 - Quick Quiz
Activity #2 - Crossword Puzzle
Activity #3 - Fill-in-the-blank
Activity #4 - Quick Quiz
Activity #5 - Crossword Puzzle
Activity #6 - Fill-in-the-blank
Activity #7 - Quick Quiz

Jessica Brosilo
Kirsten Clary
Monica Katsanes
Christopher Mims
Kelly Romirowsky
Juliane Roybal
Kerry Sanderson, Team Lead
Rikki Shannon
Lara Smith, Team Lead
Kayla Tapley
Michael Tapscott
Anabel Torres

HLC Engagement Team
From left to right: Kerry Sanderson, Lara Smith, Juliane Roybal, Jessica Brosilo,
Kelly Romirowsky, Rikki Shannon, Chris Mims, and Kayla Tapley