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Learning Center Online Resources

Learning, Study and Test-Taking Strategies

  • LSU Learning Tips & Tools Resources for studying, getting organized, course preparation, how to ace tests, and more.
  • Virginia Tech offers online study skills workshops and can help you discover how you could improve your studying with a Study Skill Checklist and a Study Environment Analysis.
  • Study Guide Zone provides study tips, study guides, and practice questions for exams like HESI A2, NCLEX, GED, and placement exams.
  • Brainfuse Online Tutoring for math, biology, physics, anatomy, nursing, reading, accounting, writing, and more! 

Various Subjects

  • Free Rice donates rice to feed the hungry as it tests your knowledge of English, Spanish, basic math, art, and anatomy and physiology.
  • StudyBlue lets you create digital flash cards or study from others' flash cards, even on your iPhone or Android smartphone.
  • Khan Academy has over 3,400 short YouTube videos on math, science, computer science, economics, art history, and history.
  • ARC Links points you to notes, tutorials, worksheets, and videos from college-level instructors and organizations, with a special focus on computer science and networking.
  • has interactive tutorials and videos on computer skills, e-mail, the Internet, and Microsoft Office programs (Word, PowerPoint, and so on).


  • Khan Academy offers short YouTube videos on introductory biology and anatomy and physiology (see also Khan Academy's Healthcare and Medicine videos).
  • MedlinePlus has short A.D.A.M. videos that can introduce you to anatomy and physiology or help you review it.
  • Professor Alex Imholtz's Biology Page helps you master anatomy and physiology and histology with notes, diagrams, videos, sample exam questions, practice lab practicals, and links to tutorials and other resources.


  • Khan Academy offers short YouTube videos on chemistry and organic chemistry.
  • The University of Memphis's Foundations of Chemistry explains concepts and demonstrates dimensional analysis, calculations, and formulas.
  • Chemistry Drills generates practice problems in naming compounds, balancing chemical equations, and predicting reactants and products.
  • Calvalcade's Practice Chemistry Worksheets give you practice in significant figures, stoichiometry, naming compounds, and more.





  • MCC's Nursing Concepts Library connects you to online resources on assessment, nursing concepts, pharmacology, and more.
  • can help you remember medical facts.
  • RxList has an online drug encyclopedia including a pill identifier, as well as other health information, slideshows, and images from WebMD.
  • MedlinePlus provides trustworthy and easy-to-understand health information, patient discharge instructions, videos, and medical reference resources.


  • Khan Academy offers short YouTube videos on physics.

  • explains physics through short YouTube video lessons and demonstrations of common physics problems.


  • Psych Web introduces you to psychology and resources related to it.
  • has a glossary, APA writing tips, notes and articles on psychology topics, and more.
  • GCC's Psychology Department links you to more online psychology resources.


  • adapts to your knowledge of vocabulary and teaches you useful words through questions and a dictionary with fun and memorable definitions.
  • Townsend Press Learning Center has exercises to practice your reading skills.