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All college students and employees operating a motor vehicle on college property must comply with the following:

  1. Register the vehicle.
  2. Secure a current parking permit.
  3. Display the parking permit on the vehicle.

Parking permits may be obtained in the Public Safety building from 8:00am - 8:00pm, Monday - Friday. Permits are free of charge.


  • Applicants must provide a valid driver's license and license plate number of the vehicle to be registered.
  • All vehicles must pass Arizona state emissions tests.
  • Parking permits must be permanently affixed on the front inside or the lower left back side of driver's windshield.
  • On motorized cycles, the permit shall be affixed where it can be seen without difficulty on the front fender or fork.
  • Temporary permits shall be placed on the dashboard or rear view mirror so they are easily visible from the outside.
  • Short-term parking may be used to conduct business in a college facility for a set time limit.
  • Parking in a disabled parking space is allowed only with a designated permit issued by the state of Arizona.
  • Red curbs indicate no-parking zones. Parking in red zones, entrances to buildings, driveways, in front of garbage dumpsters, fire lanes, and fire hydrants is prohibited.
  • Driving and/or parking in areas not designated for use is prohibited.
  • Blocking pedestrian paths, sidewalks, crosswalks, striped safety zones and bicycle paths is prohibited.
  • Impeding or obstructing properly parked or moving vehicles is prohibited.
  • Parking motorized bicycles is allowed in designated areas only.
  • Vehicle operators must park within the space lines.
  • In diagonal spaces, vehicles must be parked facing the center line. Driving through or backing into diagonal spaces is not allowed.
  • The maximum speed limit in all college parking lots is 10 mph.
    Driving vehicles or bicycles on pedestrian paths and sidewalks is prohibited.
  • Accidents involving vehicles on college property must be reported to Public Safety.
  • All Arizona State laws governing the movement and operation of motor vehicles are adopted by the MCCCD Governing Board for the control of vehicles on college property.

Violations & Fines

  • Violating disabled parking stall or access - $50.00
  • Parking in a fire lane - $50.00
  • Removing a barricade or failure to obey a vehicle control device - $15.00
  • Parking in an unauthorized parking area - $25.00
  • All other parking violations - $5.00
  • Improperly displaying a parking permit - $5.00
  • Failure to register a vehicle and display a parking permit - $30.00
  • Falsifying information on the registration application - $50.00

All fines are doubled if not paid within 15 working days of the date issued. Persons violating regulations are also subject to:

  • Institutional discipline
  • Vehicle towing
  • Impoundment
  • Withdrawal or suspension of parking privileges
  • Encumbrance of records
  • Oral or written reprimands

Saturday Parking

College students and employees have first priority to parking spaces.

Contact Info

If you experience a parking problem, contact a Public Safety officer during regular business hours by calling (602) 286-8911.