Consortium Agreement

Federal regulations allow students to receive financial aid from only one school per enrollment period (semester).

A Consortium Agreement may allow an eligible student to receive financial aid while attending GateWay Community College (home school) and another college (the host school) at the same time.

If you would like to receive financial aid based on your combined enrollment at GateWay Community College and another Maricopa Community College District, you can begin this process by completing the online Consortium Agreement

If your Home school is not a Maricopa Community College and GateWay Community College is the Host school, please obtain a Consortium Agreement form from your home school, complete the student section, and submit the form to the GateWay Community College Financial Aid Office via email –

Please note that students enrolled in 12 credits or more already would not have to complete a Consortium Agreement form since he/she would already be receiving the maximum financial aid and adding additional credits would not increase the aid amount.

In order to complete the online Consortium Agreement, the student must be:

  • Enrolled in at least one class at GateWay Community College (home school) and complete all enrollment at the other college by the semester’s Pell Recalculation date.
  • Complete the online Consortium Agreement by the submission deadline.
  • If you drop or make changes to any course listed on the Consortium Agreement, please notify the Financial Aid Office.
Semester Deadline to be enrolled in classes at Host school(s) for the Consortium Agreement (Pell Recalculation Date ) Consortium Agreement Submission deadline
Fall 2021 8/30/2021 12/3/2021*
Spring 2022 1/25/2022 4/29/2022*
Summer 2022 6/2/2022 7/21/2022*

*or two weeks before the end of the latest GWCC class (whichever is sooner)

Financial Aid Considerations:

  • Grants require a minimum enrollment of 3 credit hours at GateWay Community College.
  • Loans require a minimum enrollment of 6 credit hours at GateWay Community College.
  • Courses taken must be required for your program plan.


  • The student must be registered in at least one class at GateWay Community College (home school) prior to submitting this form.
  • This agreement is valid only for the courses listed which pertain to your program of study. Any changes will require a new agreement to be submitted.
  • The student must meet with an Academic Advisor at GateWay to ensure course(s) at the host school are required for your degree at GateWay and will transfer.
  • The student must have a completed financial aid file at GateWay and meeting MCCCD Financial Aid Standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress.
  • The course work at the other Maricopa Community College may not overlap with the end date of the prior term or start date of the subsequent term at the home school.
  • The student must maintain enrollment at the host school in order to maintain eligibility. Notify GateWay Community College’s Financial Aid office immediately if there are changes to your enrollment.
  • Changes to your enrollment status may result in voiding this agreement and a change to your financial aid. This may cause a debt with the college
  • The student will be funded by the home school, and all financial aid records for the period will be maintained in the financial aid office at that school.
  • Financial Aid eligibility determines the amount transferred. If the aid awarded does not cover the balances at both schools, it is the student's responsibility to contact each college and discuss payment options, as needed.
  • The student authorizes the transfer of excess funds between GateWay and the other college (host school) to cover any outstanding charges at the HOST School related to the courses listed. Debt balances incurred by failing to abide by these terms and conditions will be owed to the Home school. Check the school’s debt and refund policy for more information.