Power Math Camp

What is Power Math Camp

It’s a free opportunity offered through the Learning Center at GateWay. It’s available to any student enrolled in a math class and/or hoping to improve placement scores. More specifically, it’s a four-day review of your essential math skills.

When is Power Math Camp offered?

Power Math Camp is offered in person before the fall semester begins. You are also able to complete Power Math Camp asynchronously online through an interactive course. Sign Up Now.

Why should I consider attending Power Math Camp? What can it do for me?

Power Math Camp will strengthen and refresh math concepts for your upcoming math class. As you become more confident in your math skills, it may also reduce math anxiety.

How do I sign up?

For the August synchronous camp, call the Learning Center at (602) 286 -8800 or sign up online here. For the asynchronous online camp, sign up here.

Is each day different?

Yes, each day of Power Math Camp presents new material, building on the previous day. However, you may attend any session and will find it helpful as a review/skill builder.

Is Power Math Camp good for any math class?

Power Math Camp is broken into different levels. Please see below for more details, and to figure out which session or sessions are right for you. Each session meets daily for two hours for the synchronous camps.

Power Math Camp I (Basics):

Ideal for: Students entering MAT103/145 or MAT115

Prerequisite: None

Topics Covered: Fractions, decimals, percentages, ratios and proportions, measurement, basic geometry, basic statistics, basic solving

Power Math Camp II:

Ideal for: Students entering MAT115

Prerequisite: None

Topics Covered: Solving and graphing with linear equations and systems of linear equations; operations with polynomials