Fresh Express by Discovery Triangle a Frequent Campus Guest


For the past five months the Discovery Triangle’s Fresh Express has been a regular sight at GateWay Community College and Maricopa Skill Center-Main Campus, a division of GateWay.

The service’s initial visit on April 2014 to GateWay generated so much buzz among students, faculty and staff that the Discovery Triangle decided to add GateWay as a frequent stop for the bus. This fall, the Fresh Express makes two visits per month to GateWay and added the Maricopa Skill Center to its list of stops.

“We get students that come up and are overwhelmed and excited by what we are and our concept,” said Else Guidas, director of operations for Fresh Express by Discovery Triangle.

The Fresh Express was created as a way to combat what is known as a food desert in the area surrounding GateWay and Maricopa Skill Center. The population around campus currently does not have easy access to fresh fruits and vegetables. Rather than to pursue investment from an external entity, the Discovery Triangle decided to leverage its community partnerships and create a vehicle of getting produce close to those that needed it.

The idea was a huge success and quickly found the support of Valley Metro, Peddler’s Son and others.

For its part MSC students and staff have been extremely happy to see the bus on campus, too.

“It’s great to have access to fresh fruit and vegetables right here on campus,” said Lindsey Larson, marketing specialist at the Maricopa Skill Center. “We are surrounded by fast food venues and this is a convenient way for our students and staff to have access to healthy food options.”

And that is precisely the idea behind this endeavor by the Discovery Triangle. The organization is also asking for feedback from customers in order to better serve their needs.

“We have asked the students, faculty and staff which items they would like to see and have made adjustments accordingly,” said Guidas.

Some of the items that have been added include cauliflower, tomatillos, limes and other items.

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