Student Orgs Grow on Campus


“Pass the ball among the entire team in as little time as possible,” was the task students received.  

The challenge appeared to be simple and, as students took turns in participating they saw their times become smaller and smaller at the same time their teamwork and connectedness grew stronger. The event was part of Club Training Day, a series of activities planned to encourage team-work among student organization members.

“This year we have a bigger group than we have had in the past five years, and it is also a more active group as well,” said Jessie Palacio, coordinator of Student Life and Leadership at GateWay Community College. “Right now they are building a bigger team, not just within their own clubs, but a bigger college team and that’s what our goal is.”

Participating in student organizations is a great way for students to learn to work with others as well as acquire experience and community service they can include in their resume.

Students participating in campus organizations are required to complete on campus activities as well as off-campus community work. Many GateWay students have volunteered to do neighborhood clean up as well as at non-profit organizations such as UMOM, The Salvation Army and others located close to campus.

For Kasey Nunally, a student in the Radiology program at GateWay, participating in a student organization had benefits beyond scholarship opportunities.

“Today we are all coming together, getting to know each other,” said Nunally, vice president for Student Association of Radiologic Technologist (START). “The reason I wanted to get involved was to get more in-depth and know more. I get to talk and socialize with the senior students in the program and get their insight.”

Opportunities are always available for those seeking to get involved in a student organization. Visit: or stop by the Center for Student Life and Leadership in MA1132. 

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