Title V Grant Program

In October 2009 GateWay was awarded a five year, $2.7 million Title V grant (award number P031S09050) from the U.S. Department of Education. Title V funding supports the retention and preparedness of students attending an Hispanic-serving institution.

GateWay's Title V program is designed to increase student success by strengthening developmental education and implementing early academic support strategies. Grant funds will be used to:

  • Design a comprehensive faculty development program
  • Promote the availability of academic support services
  • Establish a student tracking and assessment system

The goals of the Title V grant are: 

Goal 1

Improve student persistence and course completion by strengthening developmental education and expanding academic support.

Goal 2

Improve student preparedness for academic success by implementing early student support strategies for students as they enter college.

Goal 3

Improve student support services by establishing a data collection and tracking system that provides information on student progression.

Learn More at  U.S. Department of Education