Center for Cannabis Business Training

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The Center for Cannabis Business Training

The Center for Cannabis Business Training offers high quality cannabis training and instruction for business owners and professionals of cannabis and CBD dispensaries.

The intricacies of running a medicinal cannabis business — from the legal aspect and security to logistics, product knowledge and daily operations — can be overwhelming to a new employee or start up in the industry. A large percentage of cannabis businesses fail due to lack of planning, resources, market research or other legal issues. Our new training programs ensure that business owners and their employees are adequately prepared to handle the challenges facing this industry.

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$99 for 8 Hours of Class
Classes are self-paced and start when you are ready.

Budtenders are selling more than a product. Customers are looking for an experience, an adventure, a solution. Learn to apply effective strategies to ascertain the unique goals of each client, convey quality of product, and create a welcoming, positive environment. From listening and communication skills to essential knowledge, such as the difference between CBD and THC, you will hone your product knowledge and sales expertise.

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(Budtender Training includes additional sales training that Cannabis 101 does not have)

CBD Hemp Education*


$99 for 6 Hours of Class
Classes are self-paced and start when you are ready.

Learn the history of CBD, how it works, and medicinal benefits. Be well-versed in ailments CBD has been scientifically proven to treat, the various methods of taking cannabidiol, the difference between CBD Full Spectrum and CBD Isolate, and how to determine the ideal product for yourself or your customers. 

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$99 for 9 Hours of Class
Classes are self-paced and start when you are ready.

This online workshop is ideal for those looking to increase their cannabis knowledge and the potential benefits of it. You will learn how cannabinoids can enhance quality of life, increase appetite, alleviate chronic pain, improve sleep, and much more. It's all the product knowledge you need as a consumer or someone in the business, minus the sales training component. 

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(If you have already registered for Budtender Training, this course information is already included)

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$99 for 9 Hours of Class
Classes are self-paced and start when you are ready.

The Introduction to Cultivation course will teach you the basics to growing, pruning, harvesting, drying/curing methods and much more. Get an understanding of what to expect as a cultivator, different techniques and a step-by-step guide to ensure a successful grow and harvest.

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The Benefit of Cannabis Training

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Highly trained employees know the effects of products, are clear about those effects, provide appropriate warnings, ask the right questions, and create a positive and legitimate atmosphere.

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Business Owners

Minimizing risks, warding off problems, and operating a successful cannabis business stems from knowledge and industry training.

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Customers learn to ask the right questions, get to know products, and find the best solution for their specific needs.

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CBD Professionals

Cannabidiol training for health product companies, and CBD sales professionals, promotes the necessary skills, knowledge, and confidence for successful CBD business.

*The Cannabis courses are not associated with any Arizona state licensure or certification and are not part of an established program of study at GateWay Community College.